Tuesday, December 04, 2018

This Way to the Great Egress

(crossposted from Tumblr [previously 1, 2], last updated November 1st, 2019)

By now, you’ve probably heard that Tumblr will is banning, and then purging, NSFW/adult content starting December 17th, 2018. If there is any content you find invaluable, start saving it/backing it up now. Don’t count on the creators to do it.

Here’s a list so far of who plans on moving and where they’re going:

A Dagger Pointed is moving to WordPress.

[Added 12/18] Adiabatic Combustion is on DeviantArt, Pornhub, and FurAffinity.

[Added 12/05] Alex 2's TG Captions is now on Reddit.

[Added 12/18] Amber's TG Caps, Gifs, and Storys has moved to bdmslr.com. Her stories can still be found on TG Storytime.

Ashley Barron is on Twitter and Patreon. Her stories can also be found on Fictionmania.

[Added 12/18] Atomic's TG/TF/WG/etc Captions and Stories is moving to Blogspot and Timbr.

[Updated 12/04] Blackshirtboy is already on DeviantArtFurAffinityWordPress (archive), and their own site: blackshirtboy.com.

[Added 12/04] Breast Expansion and Captions is moving to Patreon (public & exclusive content).

[Added 11/01/2019] Brenda (legendary capper at Rachel's Haven) is now at Brenda's Caption Universe.

[Added 11/05] buns_up_kneelin Caps is now on Blogspot.

[Added 12/10] Caps from a Ditz (Rikki) is moving to Blogspot.

[Added 12/18] Cassie’s Body Swap Captions is now on Twitter and Blogspot.

[Added 12/18] Cassie the Friendly Succubus can still be found at MC Stories.

[Added 12/18] (Lady Victoria's) Codex of Corruption can still be found through codexofcorruption.com.

[Added 12/04] Dr Destruct can still be found on Blogspot.

[Added 12/04] Ellie's Captions is now on Twitter.

[Updated 12/08] Erica is moving to Home.blog and is now on Twitter.

[Updated 12/08] Evie Hyde is on Twitter and has moved to Blogspot.

[Added 12/05] The FunShwowsh (Madam Squishie) is on DeviantArt and now on Newgrounds.

Grumpy TG is already on DeviantArt and their own site, www.grumpytg.com.

Hashtagwoketg (Tori) is already on DeviantArt.

Holecrap7 is moving to OpenTGC.

[Added 12/18] Joanna's TG Captions is also on Twitter.

[Added 12/11] Kat's TG/TF Captions is also on Blogspot, Reddit, DeviantArt, ImageFap, and Rocketr.

[Added 12/18] (Shadowborn) Kayla has moved to Wordpress.

[Added 12/08] Kibitko is on Twitter, Patreon, DeviantArt, and Pixiv.

[Added 12/05] Kittie Captions is going back to Blogger.

[Added 2/26] Lenal's Fun Captions & Content! is moving to Blogger.

[Added 12/05] Lesbian TG Stuff by Talia is now on Twitter. She is also on Discord; DM her for her username there.

[Added 12/08] M’s blog is also on Blogspot.

[Updated 12/18] Mara Mischief has moved to Home.blog and Blogspot.

[Updated 12/18] NotZackforWork was on Twitter, DeviantArt, and Patreon. They are now on NewgroundsPillowFort, and FurAffinity.

Paige (Werewoman Archive) is moving to WordPress and Twitter.

Papa Dragon is on Twitter

[Added 12/08] Reno's Captions (Mandy Coxx) will likely be moving eventually to Bdsmlr.com.

[Updated 12/12] Shadow211e is moving to Home.blog and Blogspot, and is now on Twitter.

[Added 12/18] ShadowCaps is moving to CorruptedCaps (Home.blog).

[Added 12/18] Spindizzy is still on Blogspot.

[Added 12/11] SSTG (Softer Side TG) also has a new Blogspot.

Sturkwurk is already on Twitter, DeviantArt, TGComics, and his own site:  www.sturkwurk.com

[Added 12/04] Tg Transformation Stories can still be found at Twitter, DeviantArt, and on their own site: www.tgtransformation.com.

[Updated 12/18] TGExpress (aka Upside Down) can be found on Feminized.org and FemFluxx.com, and they are now on bdsmlr.com.

The Strange One is already on DeviantArt and a now a new Blogspot site.

The Sympathetic Devil can still be found on MCStories and CHYOA.

[Added 12/05] Transform Nation is also on MC Stories.

[Added 12/04] Transformation Fetishes is moving to WordPress and DeviantArt.

[Added 12/18] Uncanny Changes is now Blogspot and MeWe.


  1. Hey Josie, could you add me to the list?

    SSTG has a new Blogspot, and can also be found on Reddit.

  2. Thanks so much for this! I'm glad someone figured out where we all scattered to when Tumblr caught fire and burnt to the ground.

  3. https://discord.gg/Cx6t4bv
    For those who wish to join our writer's group on Discord

  4. My Tumblr (http://tg-lenal.tumblr.com) was never super active, but I'm moving it to Blogger bit by bit, and adding some new content every Friday! It's at https://tg-lenal.blogspot.com/

    1. Oops, I never got the notification for this comment. Sorry. You're added to the list now.

  5. HI Jose - could you add me to your list the next time your making the rounds please.